Go Green on Your Kitchen Remodel 

Make your kitchen remodel even more attractive by going green and making it sustainable.
Make your kitchen remodel even more attractive by going green and making it sustainable.

It’s normal for homeowners to question how much of their remodeling spend will be recouped if they decide to sell their property. While not many projects provide a hundred percent return in the short term, kitchen remodels are one of the few that do. At Innovative Kitchen & Bath we have found that one strategy for increasing the return on investment is to appeal to the next generation of homebuyers by adding a “going green” approach to remodeling. Many people value the concept of a sustainable kitchen renovation. A kitchen renovation that has a low environmental impact will get attention.

Give Consideration to Cabinetry

Choosing “green” kitchen cabinetry should be your first step. Manufacturing processes have come a long way in terms of safety. With the introduction of programs such as the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP), discriminating home buyers now have the option of selecting cabinetry that has been program-certified. The Environmental Stewardship Program is designed specifically for kitchen and bath cabinet makers. It motivates them to incorporate sustainable techniques into their processes. Finding an ESP-compliant certified manufacturer is the first step in developing an eco-friendly and attractive makeover. There are 141 companies listed that are ESP compliant.

Countertop Surfaces

After you’ve decided on your cabinetry, it’s time to choose the perfect countertops for your environmentally friendly kitchen remodel. Synthetic quartz, a quartz and resin-based engineered stone, is tougher and less porous than granite. It’s also less expensive and easier to maintain. This manufactured material’s color and pattern choices is pretty amazing, and it is likely to complement any décor. Furthermore, because quartz does not need to be mined or transported across large distances, its environmental effect is substantially reduced. Recycled glass, agricultural goods, and even paper are also classified as environmentally friendly countertop materials.


Another option for revitalizing your kitchen is to install new flooring. With a wide choice of eco-friendly materials to pick from, the correct flooring can be the medium that connects the room’s numerous design aspects. Eco-friendly flooring options include bamboo, cork, and engineered wood, which is made from sustainably farmed or recycled wood. Cherry, maple, and oak combine to produce a stunning, bespoke design.

You Need Professional Kitchen Help

Professional design and quality construction are what truly distinguishes a renovation. While big box stores production line materials may appear to be the most cost-effective, fitting them to an existing home can be difficult. They are frequently disappointing. Look for on-trend materials that are sustainable, durable, and fit your budget to add a green touch to your kitchen redesign. Even better, combine them with creative design and expert installation. Contact us at Innovative Kitchen & Bath in Kirkland, WA for a customized approach and to explore eco-friendly options for your home improvement.