7 Eco Friendly Tips for Green Remodeling

Your new kitchen can be eco friendly AND beautiful and functional. Ask Innovative Kitchen & Bath to help make it a green remodeling project.
Your new kitchen can be eco friendly AND beautiful and functional. Ask Innovative Kitchen & Bath to help make it a green remodeling project.

When designing a sustainable space, there is no need to sacrifice style and aesthetics. If you take some time to get inventive and come up with ways to be more environmentally friendly, the two can coexist. A unique space for your family and guests to enjoy can be created by experimenting with sustainable design and green remodeling in your kitchen.

Plan Ahead and Use Smart Design

Create a design and a budget before you start choosing materials. Limit moving sinks and stoves, changing electrical and HVAC components, and changing load-bearing walls. Consider the amount of sunlight received throughout the day, as well as any views you may or may not want to see, when changing the layout or adding windows. Planning ahead and measuring twice will help you avoid mistakes and wastage.

Donate Used Items to Salvage Shops and Shop While You’re There

Throwing away outdated hardware, lighting fixtures, or cabinets is not necessary. To arrange a pick-up, contact a salvage business. You can also sell items online. You’ll be amazed by how quickly used hardware sells at a garage sale! A tax write-off may be available from certain salvage shops. Look around the salvage shops for the supplies and hardware you require. Even brand-new tools and supplies are available in some stores.

Cabinets Can Be Refinished with Paint or New Doors

Refinishing your existing cabinets will save you money because buying new cabinets is very expensive. This will reduce expenses and waste. To give existing cabinets a new look, architectural accents like brackets and feet can be added. Hire a professional to replace the cabinet doors if they’re outdated. You can quickly update used hardware by painting it.

Learn More About Volatile Organic Compounds and Materials

It’s important to consider how a material is made, whether it is recyclable, and whether it is safe to be around when choosing cabinets, flooring, and paint. We prefer to source natural materials because we know they are renewable and will age gracefully, despite the fact that some synthetic materials may advertise being “green.”

Repurpose Old Furniture

Consider unconventional approaches to produce a unique project. To create a distinctive built-in, repurpose old furniture. Make drawers out of old crates or baskets. For plants or dishes, use shelves in an industrial style. An old piece with the right patina can sometimes look even better than one with a brand-new coat of paint.

Use Salvaged Wood

Reclaimed wood looks great as shelves or on walls. Think about using old wood paneling you find in your house or garage as a ceiling or accent wall. To update the appearance while leaving the aged patina exposed, use a light whitewash. How about reclaimed wood cabinets?

Use the Resources You Already Have!

It doesn’t follow that you can’t repair existing floors just because you’re tearing down walls. It’s not necessary to remove the entire ceiling just because you’re installing recessed lights. To start over with a smooth and level surface, many contractors want to tear down as much as they can, but at what cost? Older homes have flaws, but that ceiling made of plaster is more insulated and soundproof than drywall will be. Reusing existing items gives your home a sense of history and is the most environmentally friendly choice you can make.

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