What is a Thresholdless Shower?

Thresholdless showers create a clean look, and have additional benefits as well.

Thresholdless showers create a clean look, and have additional benefits as well.

A thresholdless shower, commonly known as a curbless shower, is essentially a seamless access to the shower enclosure. With no barrier or threshold dividing the shower from the rest of the bathroom, access to the shower is easier. Done correctly, the threshold can be done away with while retaining the shower as a highly functional and stylish core feature of your bathroom design.

Increasing in popularity, people are installing thresholdless showers for several reasons.


Minimizing obstacles in your bathroom is necessary for the design of a bathroom with elderly or disabled users in mind. Likewise, thresholdless showers are also a major aspect of Universal Bath Design, making the bathroom easy for everyone to use while retaining style and functionality. This ensures that the bath design is targeted for all ages and levels of ability, from small children to elderly family members.


Aesthetically a minimalistic style with cleaner lines is achieved. An added bonus is that an open shower gives you an opportunity to show off your tile design.


The thresholdless shower is a custom feature that you won’t regret. It can improve your lifestyle at home and be an eye-catching attribute if you decide to sell your house. Installing a thresholdless shower requires that the floor needs to be lowered to enable the shower floor to slope down for drainage. This type of shower may be built with or without a door, which would essentially decide where you place the shower head. A rain head keeps the water concentrated in one place, while hand-held shower head with a long hose is suitable for wheelchair users, bathing children and cleaning the shower room, in particular the glass partition.

These showers are not only choices for larger rooms, but they fit great in bathroom projects of any shape or scale. Because the thresholdless shower is a more cohesive part of the house, it essentially makes the bathroom design appear larger.

The stylish, functional, trendy thresholdless shower is really worth including in your bath makeover. Talk to us at Innovative Kitchen & Bath about the range of shower choices available to you today.