Update Your Bathroom in Time for Summer

Make your bathroom lighter and brighter for summer.

Make your bathroom lighter and brighter for summer.

Summer is a time to celebrate sunlight, warmth and beauty both inside and outside your home. We have an urge to freshen our home décor and the best way to do this is with fresh accessories, especially in the bathroom. We need to look at light and bright accessories for this hot and sunny season.

Here is a list of some simple ideas to help you update and refresh your bathroom décor in time for summer.

  1. Get rid of the clutter. It is always a good idea to go through your cabinets and drawers at the start of each season and get rid of unwanted or expired toiletries and, if possible, pack heavy winter items in storage. By removing these products you can free up space to accessorize in keeping with the time of the year.
  2. Change the curtains. Switch to bright accessories in your bathroom this summer if you want to update. Take advantage of the sunshine by hanging white curtains that allow light to diffuse into the room all day long.
  3. Plastics are out. The changing season is a good excuse to swap out the plastic soap dish by the sink, with something timeless and durable. You can instantly give the bathroom a more luxurious look, whatever you go for, whether it is a ceramic or stone dispenser.
  4. Swap the shower curtain. Try swapping out your current shower curtain, particularly if it is dark, drab or dirty. More light will radiate around the room with a bright and breezy summer-themed shower curtain and the right design will enhance your overall summer theme.
  5. Replace the rug. Find a bathmat or rug in lively colors to give your bathroom a fresh breath of summer. When it comes to style, little touches make a big difference.
  6. Deep clean. A good deep clean will refresh your bathroom for the season. Be sure to give those tricky corners a thorough scrub and you will be ready for the warm months to come.
  7. Put fresh towels in a basket. Add a basket of freshly laundered towels to give an instant boost to the welcome factor. A crisp, clean towel is a sure way to make you feel pampered in the bathroom.
  8. Add fresh flowers or plants. Finally, nothing says summer like the beautiful flowers and plants that bloom in the garden. Why not pick some fresh flowers and greenery for the vanity or counter to celebrate the season in the bathroom. You will love both the beauty and fragrance of the flowers every time you enter the room.

You might consider updating the fixtures as you are decorating your bathroom. You can transform the room from bland to beautiful just by installing a new vanity. Take a look at our great selection of fixtures at Innovative Kitchen and Bath. Contact us to schedule your virtual in-house consultation.