Tips and Tricks for the Best Bathroom Remodel

Tips and Tricks for the Best Bathroom Remodel – Innovative Kitchen & Bath – Kirkland, WA
Our insider tips and tricks will help you get the perfect bathroom remodel.

The remodeling of bathrooms is a common home project, but it’s also a fairly large and complex one. According to one article, the price range for a medium-sized or mid-range bathroom remodel in December 2022 was between $31,000 to $94,000.

Many homeowners might very well consider that to be a fair price to pay for a completely renovated bathroom space, which can both improve the quality of life in a home and increase its resale value. However, it’s even more crucial to complete the project perfectly if you’re considering investing that much money in bathroom remodeling. With that in mind, the following tips and advice from Innovative Kitchen & Bath cover everything from financing the renovation to selecting the best products.

Look for Ways to Save

We advise you to compare products to find less expensive options that are just as effective as more expensive ones. You can structure your project to cut costs by having a thorough understanding of how contractors are paid. An interesting consideration is to purchase your own supplies so that you are not paying for time workers spend shopping (even if you need to consult the contractor for advice on what to buy). In general, the more meticulously you can plan, the more money you’ll be able to save.

Find Ways to Pay

You may need to look into alternative methods of financing the upfront costs if you decide to go with a costly home remodel.

  • Charge the majority of the expense to a credit card, then pay it off as gradually as possible.
  • Options for loans. This type of arrangement is quite common because bathroom remodeling is one of the main uses for home improvement loans. It is possible to get an unsecured loan with a good APR that is based on your credit rather than given in exchange for home equity, though specifics vary depending on your lender. This will enable you to cover the cost of the remodel up front and pay it off over time.

Follow the Latest Trends

Keeping up with the latest trends as one of the best pieces of advice for remodeling your bathroom successfully. Naturally, you are free to do whatever you want with your home. However, it’s advisable to follow trends rather than rely solely on personal preference if you’re concerned about resale value. Take the matte tile trend, which has gained popularity because of its calming effect, sleek modern aesthetic, and easy cleaning. It is both stylish and useful, and it will undoubtedly stay that way for the foreseeable future. For a remodel that is appealing and long-lasting, a trend like this is at least worthy of consideration.

Sort Products by Priority

Finally, and most importantly, keep in mind to prioritize products based on the choices and factors mentioned above. For instance, if you decide to go with the matte tile trend for an entire bathroom, you’ll first want to find the ideal tiles, then select complementary furnishings and décor. For the tub or shower floor, a natural material, such as stone, complements the atmosphere, and mirrors with minimal borders help to allow the matte tile shine. Ceramic sinks are a nice contrast to a matte tile countertop.

These options center on a particular example. However, the general idea is to select products that are cohesive with the bathroom style you want, as opposed to making separate purchases.

Let’s Get that Bathroom Remodel Started

Follow these simple but important guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to a gorgeous bathroom remodel. If you would like help with your planning, please contact us at Innovative Kitchen & Bath, or pay us a visit at our showroom in Kirkland to get some ideas.