The Top 5 Bathroom Remodel Trends For 2017

As we enter into spring, we have already seen some beautiful bathroom trends in the remodeling industry.

This year, we are seeing a modern and clean look in bathroom remodels.

Here is a list of what we have been seeing and will continue to see in bathroom remodels:


Large Scale Tiles

Large scale bathroom tiles are one of the biggest trends we are seeing. These tiles are perfect for the floor or shower wall. With large scale tiles, there is less grout lines which can create a sleek, modern look.

Walk-in Shower



Walk-in showers are gorgeous and provide the opportunity for a clean, minimalist look. Walk-in showers can come in many different sizes with capabilities for a standard shower head or a rain shower head. Walk-in showers are easy to clean and draw in natural light through the glass doors.


Minimalist Design With Texture


Minimalist designs with texture are a great way to keep your bathroom clean and simple, yet unique. Texture can be included in a shower niche or as a tile wall behind the vanity. There are many options for adding texture that keeps with a minimalist look and feel.

Neutral Colors


Neutral colors with a palette of white, grays and black are clean and timeless. Using neutral colors ensures that your new bathroom will be in style for much longer and can be more desirable for future buyers. Neutral colors in paint and tile provide the opportunity to use colors in accessories such as flowers and towels to bring a pop of personality to the room.


Free Standing Tub

Free standing tubs are extremely desirable in larger bathrooms that have space for a separate tub. Free standing tubs allow for a more unique bathroom design and can be a large centerpiece for your bathroom. These tubs are stylish, relaxing and extremely versatile. Consider adding a free standing tub to your home to create a spa-like atmosphere.

Free Standing Tub









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