Thanksgiving-Approved Kitchen Design Ideas

Your bathroom cabinets make a statement. Make sure it’s the right one!
Your bathroom cabinets make a statement. Make sure it’s the right one!

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for your family can be a lot of fun but worrying about Thanksgiving dinner can also be stressful. To get you in the mood for the holidays, we’ve put our heads together for some kitchen design inspiration. Thanksgiving dinner will be a breeze in these kitchens.

Inventive Spacing

Cooking for the family frequently entails cooking together. With wide walkways and enough space between the sink, stovetop, and oven, the kitchen can appear and feel larger than it is. So there’s ample room for everyone when the youngsters want to help bake the pies or Grandpa needs to check on the turkey!

Miles of Countertops

The tremendous amount of food served during a traditional Thanksgiving feast is one of its most appealing features. It can be difficult to keep track of turkey, stuffing, various sauces, mashed potatoes, as well as drinks and desserts. If you add extra counter space and an island to your kitchen, you’ll have enough room for everything, plus some extra to complete cooking!

Open concept

For large family gatherings, having the kitchen open to the dining and living rooms may be a huge plus! Even if you have to check on the turkey and keep an eye on the game (or parade), you can still mix and mingle with the family. Carrying heavy, hot plates in an open concept kitchen will be much easier and safer when it’s time to serve dinner.


Adding a second oven, a larger refrigerator, or a more sophisticated stovetop to your kitchen can help you cook efficiently for a large group. If you’re constantly going back and forth to the outside refrigerator, it’s time to upgrade. While a large burner may take up some counter space, enthusiastic cooks will discover that the trade-off is well worth it!

Easy to clean

The inevitable aftermath. You’ve cooked, dined, and hosted, and now you’re stuck cleaning up the mess! Easy-to-clean tile backsplashes, countertops, and flooring could make your kitchen cleaning go more smoothly. Even more technologically advanced solutions, such as central vacuum systems, can be included to make kitchen cleanup as simple as possible.

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