The Pros Share Their Top 3 Kitchen Remodel Tips

Take these tips from the pros when you’re considering a kitchen remodel.
Take these tips from the pros when you’re considering a kitchen remodel.

Often one of the biggest investments you can make in your home is a kitchen remodel. If you plan carefully, it will also increase your satisfaction with your home. However, navigating the process of kitchen remodeling can be difficult, particularly if this is your first attempt. Here are the top three kitchen remodel tips from the pros that you should follow if you want a smooth, successful, and satisfying kitchen remodel in Kirkland.

1. Keep the Same Footprint

Though you may want to drastically change the look of your kitchen, you need to plan on working with the same basic footprint. Of course, if you have an unlimited budget, then you have endless possibilities. Keeping your footprint is the best advice for many homeowners who are working with a pre-determined budget. In other words, the plumbing should stay right where it is. It becomes a major expense just moving the sink and dishwasher a few feet. Your appliances also need to stay close to their current position, depending on electrical outlets.

2. Picture Yourself Using the Kitchen

How will you actually use your new kitchen? What work zones will you need? Where is the best place to store your dishes and utensils for those work zones?

As an example, you may be considering storing high use items in the bottom cupboard that’s closest to a specific work zone. However, having to get to get right down to look in a dark cupboard will soon start to irritate, so instead it would be better to put low-use items in those difficult to access places.

 Another thing to consider is the cooks. If you often have two cooks, be sure that your walkways are wide enough to easily accommodate two people.

3. Expect the Unexpected

However carefully you plan your remodel, there is a chance that a problem will rear its head adding cost and/or time to your project. Problems such as plumbing which will only be detected once a wall is opened up. There could be a leak within the wall which has encouraged mold growth or other unknown issues. All this adds to the time and expense intended for your project. Therefore, you should set aside an emergency fund of up to 10% of the whole remodel budget. By planning for such unknown surprises, you will alleviate some of the financial stress and frustrations they may bring. If, at the end of the project no such expense is required you will have extra money in your wallet.

Ready to Get Started on Your Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchens have become the hub of every home, serving every member of the family and bringing them all together. It is essential to consider not only these, but also many other things when planning your kitchen remodel. This way you can ensure the finished project will fit your family’s needs both now and for many years to come.

Now that you have discovered how many different aspects there are when planning a kitchen remodel, you will no doubt want to hire the experienced team at Innovative Kitchen and Bath. To learn more about what we can do for you, or to request a free consultation for any upcoming home remodeling, give us a call today.