Planning Your Kitchen Space During a Remodel

The layout of your kitchen is key to deciding what you’ll do with your remodel.

The layout of your kitchen is key to deciding what you’ll do with your remodel.

To create a good workflow in your kitchen space it is vital to first plan your kitchen layout. Without a proper layout you may find it inefficient even though you install expensive countertops and fixtures.

Here are some practical tips for planning your kitchen space before beginning your kitchen remodel.

Take a careful look around your kitchen

Make a list of the important items that need upgrading or updating. Such as countertops, backsplash, cabinetry, sink, fixtures, faucets, floors and lighting.

Once your list is complete decide if it requires replacing with a new one (upgrade) or just an update by removing tarnish rust or stains.

Decide on your estimated budget 

It is best to plan your approximate budget to prevent making the mistake of overspending. Some of the more expensive upgrades available for your kitchen include countertops, appliances, cabinetry and changing layouts.

To help you have a better idea, take advantage of the free estimates obtainable from most professional home remodelers. If you contact us at Innovative Kitchen & Bath right now, we will gladly provide you with an approximate quote. 

Types of Kitchen Layout

Have a look at these six main kitchen layouts and decide which one will work the best for you.


This layout is very popular and can be found in most homes. It provides plenty of countertop space and kitchen cabinetry and can be transformed into a U-shaped kitchen by installing a peninsula on one end of the working space.

Single Wall Layout

Small apartments or studio-size condominiums favor this layout. Although this small working area will not provide great efficiency, there will be less hassle moving from one place to another.


A galley layout is ideal for small kitchens. Compared to the L-shaped layout this one has less countertop space and less cabinetry. 


If you have a three-walled kitchen area, you can have loads of cabinetry with smart storage spaces and a larger surface area of countertop. With a U-shaped kitchen efficiency will never be a problem. To save time and energy for your meal preparations, you can even create a mid-section working area with an island counter if you have sufficient space.

Hire a Professional to Help with Some of the Work

Because you have other things to work on you will not be able to dedicate 100% of your time to your kitchen remodel. This is why a wise investment would be to hire a professional designer to provide that extra hand you need.

Your kitchen remodel will be made very efficient and convenient by hiring us, we have years of experience and expertise with these types of projects. 

To save on costs you can do some of the work and leave the major tasks to us.  

You can contact us at Innovative Kitchen and Bath in Kirkland for a free consultation or quote. Let us help you make your dream kitchen come true.