Myths of Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Not everything you hear about kitchen and bathroom remodeling is true.
Not everything you hear about kitchen and bathroom remodeling is true.

A wonderful way to revitalize your home is a remodel of your kitchen or bath. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misleading ideas out there about the remodeling process that can make you feel unsure which direction to go.

Don’t allow common myths to determine what you do with your home. Here is a list, from Innovative Kitchen and Bath, to dispel the myths so that you can enjoy creating your ideal home.

Myth: Go with the Latest Trends   

Admittedly your space can be made to feel modern with the latest trends, but if they don’t suit your home then they’re not right for you. The same can be said for trendy updates if they don’t fit the style you want for your home.

Your home’s façade, natural style, and also your own personal tastes, should determine how you remodel. With help from Innovative Kitchen and Bath you will find the right style that’s perfect for your house.

Myth: Cheaper Products are Just as Good as Higher Priced Ones

A lot of home renovation projects are guided by budgetary concerns. Even though your budget can’t just be ignored altogether, cheap products are generally not as good as the high-priced ones.

Knowing where you must spend money and where you may use cost-effective alternatives is the key to remaining within your budget. Innovative Kitchen and Bath can help you remodel within your budget without breaking the bank.

Myth: A Kitchen or Bath Remodel is Unaffordable

Homeowners who have worked with the wrong remodeling contractors will tell you that renovations take longer than expected and costs skyrocket. Innovative Kitchen and Bath strive to ensure that your budget won’t change unless it’s what you want. That’s why we work with you to create the best plan for your remodel that stays within your budget.

Myth: Remodeling a Kitchen or Bathroom is a DIY Job

If you are not a contractor with lots of onsite experience, it is difficult to predict the things that could go wrong when a project begins. For example: electrical and plumbing. That’s why you should work with kitchen & bath professionals and not take on a major remodel yourself as a DIY job.

You’ll be able to be involved with the process as much as you want with Innovative Kitchen and Bath. So give us a call and let’s start making your dream a reality.