Living Through a Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel can take time. What will you do while the work is going on?
A bathroom remodel can take time. What will you do while the work is going on?

When it comes to surviving a bathroom remodel, we, at Innovative Kitchen & Bath, have some good news… and some not so good news. Let us begin with the positive. Surviving your remodel can be relatively simple if you have many bathrooms.

We’ll employ separation procedures to isolate the bathroom under construction, and you can use other bathrooms in the house as needed. There may be a few days here and there when your home’s plumbing needs to be turned off, stopping you from utilizing any water sources, but the plumbing is normally switched back on by the end of the day.

The bad news comes next. Things can become more difficult if you just have one bathroom. We frequently have clients who live through the renovation, even if it is their only bathroom.

  • Setting the toilet back at the end of each day is one thing we can do to help accommodate this predicament. It’s not enjoyable to be without a working toilet. If we need to pull it up to finish a section of the project, we’ll make sure it’s back up and running before we call it a day.
  • Your main shower will most likely be out of action for several weeks. Weather permitting, we can set up a temporary shower in an unfinished basement or one with an enclosed curtain in your backyard.

While you’ll most certainly be looking forward to having your own, new bathroom back after the project is completed, these types of accommodations can allow you stay in your house while your remodel is taking place.

Stay patient

There’s no doubt that having a shining, modern bathroom at the end of your restoration project will make you very happy. However, getting there may be stressful! Not because anything could go wrong, but because a major section of your home will resemble a construction site for several weeks. That alone can induce anxiety and tension.

Overall, if you’re prepared to live with a little inconvenience, staying in your house during your remodel might make a lot of sense from an economic and peace of mind perspective.

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, pay a visit to our Kirkland showroom where you will find everything you need for your new bathroom. Or, give us a call at Innovative Kitchen & Bath to discuss the way to make your dreams a reality.