Kitchen Replacement In Kenmore

According to the owners of this home in Kenmore, the kitchen layout was great – but they wanted the cabinets replaced with higher quality wood, more functionality in the space and an overall more modern and warm look.

Kenmore Remodel resized

The changes/upgrades to this kitchen included:

  • Building and installing new custom frameless cabinets. The original base cabinets were the typical cabinet with one drawer and 1 or 2 doors below with a fixed shelf. We replaced these with drawer bases so instead of opening a cabinet door getting down on the floor and start searching for items now you just pull out a drawer.
  • Upper cabinets: The original wall cabinets had 2 particle board shelves and were 12 deep. We replaced theses with new custom plywood cabinets that are 13 deep and go all the way to the ceiling. The customer now has 3 fully adjustable ¾ inch thick shelves in each wall cabinet.
  • Converting the back side of the peninsula to storage since the seating area was never used.
  • Installing quartz counter tops.
  • Adding tile full height back splash.

Because the footprint of this Kenmore kitchen remained the same, the flooring did not need to be changed, nor did the electrical or appliance hook-ups. This reduced the cost of the project, since this was a kitchen replacement (not a kitchen remodel, which typically includes moving walls, changing cabinet layout, moving lighting and/or appliance locations).  A kitchen replacement project of this scope is about a two week project, since the major is effort consists of removing the existing cabinets and installing the custom cabinets in their place.

As you can see in the photo, the tile back splash adds a nice texture and bit of color to the kitchen, without taking away from the beautiful cherry wood cabinets.  In addition, because there is no space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling, the kitchen looks simpler.  These homeowners are thrilled with their kitchen remodel project!

Are you wondering if your kitchen is a viable “kitchen replacement” project?  Call us – we’d love to hear your ideas and discuss your options with you.