Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends,
Part 2

A Top 2020 Kitchen Remodeling Trend: Quartz Countertops

A Top 2020 Kitchen Remodeling Trend: Quartz Countertops

We all want a functional, beautiful, inviting kitchen, but there are a lot of ways to accomplish that goal. Throughout this year, Innovative Kitchen and Bath will be sharing our top kitchen remodeling trends. We want to give you ideas and inspiration as you consider your next kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends: Streamlined Design

Over the last few years, we’ve seen homeowners moving toward a more streamlined design. Farmhouse and mid-century modern are still hugely popular, but we’re also seeing simplicity and modern clean lines in a lot of new kitchens. Owners are looking for stress-free environments, and that usually means simplicity.

Sometimes that means less clutter, and fewer cabinets. Some new designs are cutting back on the number of upper wall cabinets to make the kitchen appear larger and brighter. Open shelves are another great alternative that creates a focal point without overwhelming.

But streamlined doesn’t mean boring. By using materials with texture, you can create interest and variety without compromising on the simplicity. We’re seeing rough cut wood, or industrial metal tubing, as well as the usual natural stone or beveled tiles. You might even consider interesting textures in your ceiling such as coffered, tray, or wood beams.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends: Quartz Countertops

For the high-end kitchen, quartz can’t be beaten as a countertop material. It’s very hardy, lasts virtually an eternity, and is easy to maintain. As a bonus, it’s even anti-microbial. Granite is still its main competitor, but it requires slightly more maintenance.

As quartz has grown in popularity and as technology has improved, more colors and finishes have become available. Now you can get realistic stone patterns, or even swirls and veining that imitates marble. Where quartz used to be limited in colors, the sky is now the limit. 

However, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily go for those wild new colors. We’re seeing a noticeable trend toward more neutral colors like grey, taupe, and soft, creamy or white finishes.

We’re also seeing a rise of interest in composite sinks. These sinks are made from the same material as your countertop, so the look is more uniform and clean, and maintenance is easy. While we expect these to grow in usage, it’ll be awhile (if ever) before they challenge stainless steel or farmhouse sinks for popularity.

Time to Get Innovative

Our series on kitchen remodeling trends is meant to spark ideas and get you thinking. Have any questions or creative thoughts that you want to discuss? Visit our beautiful Kirkland showroom, or just contact us and start the conversation.