Kitchen Remodel Ideas Inspired by the Holidays

This holiday, note what works and doesn’t work in your kitchen space. Then use that to plan your kitchen remodel.
This holiday, note what works and doesn’t work in your kitchen space. Then use that to plan your kitchen remodel.

The holidays can be a fantastic time to investigate the features you’d wish to include in your kitchen remodel.  People may be filling your kitchen this month because of the parties and family get-togethers. When they do, we, at Innovative Kitchen & Bath, advise you to take note of what functions well in your place and what doesn’t. Make some notes that can be useful for starting a wish list for remodeling.

A kitchen can be updated in a variety of ways, both significant and minor, to make it more welcoming for guests. Here are four remodeling techniques you might think about.

Kitchen Remodel Projects to Consider

  1. Install out-of-the-way seating

Without spending money on a complete remodel, consider adding a window seat or sofa to the space to keep guests comfortable and out of the way while you cook. Although bar stools are common in kitchens, lounge seats are more comfortable.

  • Include a fireplace in your kitchen

Nothing is as cozy as a crackling fire during a family holiday. Consider installing a fireplace in the kitchen. Even though we always have fireplaces going at winter parties, people still congregate in the kitchen rather than the living room. Open up line of sight to a fireplace in another room if a new fireplace is not an option for your remodeling plan.

As an alternative, a wood-burning stove can be installed providing much more warmth than a fireplace, for a lot less money. 

  • Choose glass-front cabinets or open shelves

 A terrific way to make guests feel at home is to keep plates and barware in glass-front cabinets making it simpler for them to find items with no need to ask. If visitors can see where the dishes go, they will feel more at ease helping to empty the dishwasher, and who doesn’t welcome assistance with that?

  • Provide convenient areas for garbage and recycling.

When you’re doing the dishes at a party and the trash is under the sink, you have to constantly move because someone needs to throw out a napkin. So that visitors won’t have to enter your work zone, try placing the trash and recycling close to the end of your island or peninsula.

Consider these Projects Without Doing a Full Remodel

  • Set up a coffee station

Have all the coffee and tea in one place (with labels) so folks can fend for themselves, making it simple for overnight guests to get up and go while you sleep in. This way, visitors can also feel at ease preparing a second pot of coffee if you’re busy making pancakes. A coffee bar is a fantastic idea to take into account while remodeling, but this functional station may also be set up in an existing kitchen utilizing furniture such as a hutch or even a console table.

  • Fit dimmers and speakers

For everyday use, a clean, quiet kitchen may be perfect, but gatherings require quite the opposite. The music is ramped up and the lights are dimmed. Dimmers are simple to install and provide a wonderful party atmosphere. Innovative Kitchen & Bath, one of Seattle’s leading kitchen remodeling companies, provides services above and above what is expected by our clients. Our team of professionals is knowledgeable about market trends and works hard to deliver top-notch, client-focused kitchen renovation services to match your specific requirements. Contact us today, or visit our showroom at 8514 122nd Ave NE Kirkland, WA 98033 to discuss your kitchen or bath remodeling today!