Ways to Include Color in Your Kitchen or Bathroom Design

Thresholdless showers create a clean look, and have additional benefits as well.

Thresholdless showers create a clean look, and have additional benefits as well.

This year, we at Innovative Kitchen and Bath have noticed there is an abundance of colors used in interior design. Black with warm, vibrant colors such as pink, orange, blue and green surpassed the clean, white look. Go for a bright splash of color, or a color scheme that is entirely monotone, or introduce the warmth of popular wood and metal tones. It’s all about keeping the core of the home welcoming with a trendy kitchen design color scheme and making sure the bathroom design retreats are inviting. Besides towels and rug accessories, there are other options to use color in your kitchen and bathroom decor. Our top five tips are listed below.

1. Countertops

Engineered quartz comes in an infinite variety of colors to add life to any workspace or vanity and is more economical and hard wearing than natural stone. Colorful terrazzo is now on the rise for introduction of retro vibrancy. Or enhance the warmth of the wood tones with a wooden countertop that perfectly accentuates this year’s blue tones style.

2. Floors

When choosing floor tiles just don’t be boring, rather go for tiles in a rich shade of royal blue or burnt orange with dark grouting. A border of dark glossy wood surrounding Terrazzo floor tiles is especially stunning. For floors that are exceptionally stunning, extremely durable and trendy, choose cement floors which are available in any color you decide on.

3. Ceilings

When it comes to your ceiling the sky is the limit. Give rich wood paneling a go, or just paint your favorite color on the ceiling to convert your room in a funky and unique way.

4. Open Shelving

Replacing the upper kitchen cabinets with open shelving is the latest trend providing an opportunity to introduce color to the decor of the kitchen or bathroom. You may impose whatever color scheme that you like with your displayed objects, have colored shelves or display a wall that is painted, wallpapered or tiled. Keep the daily products on the lower shelf and place the collectibles on top and but match the colors for an attractive look. Cool, metal shelving provides a moody color scheme, or warm up your design by adding wood shelves.

5. Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are declining with the color trend being embraced by the manufacturers. Last year’s pastel appliances have now given way to primary colors that brighten any kitchen design. Fridges, stoves and even hoods may be the focal point of your kitchen project. 

Are you excited about remodeling and injecting color into your kitchen or bathroom makeover? Contact us at Innovative Kitchen and Bath in Kirkland to get started. We can explain how you can transform your home with the exciting options 2020 has to offer.