How to Live Through a Kitchen Remodel 

You’ll love your new kitchen, but first you’ll have to live through a kitchen remodel process.
You’ll love your new kitchen, but first you’ll have to live through a kitchen remodel process.

At Innovative Kitchen & Bath we realize you’re eager for the work to begin on the remodel of your kitchen. The designs are finished and the plans are being drawn up. But wait! “How will you survive without a kitchen for several weeks?”

The truth is that living through a remodel is not always easy. However, whether you’re doing a kitchen remodel, a bathroom makeover, or even remodeling your entire house, your contractor can take steps to make the process as comfortable and safe as possible. It all starts with securing your personal space.

A kitchen remodel is one of the most difficult remodels to go through. It’s the hub of our home. We’re constantly in our kitchens, cooking, doing dishes, putting away groceries, and, of course, eating! While you should expect to be out of your kitchen for several weeks during the remodel, here are some key tips to help you get through it.

Create a Makeshift Kitchen

Creating a temporary kitchen space not only saves money on eating out during the remodel, but it also provides a sense of normalcy while your main kitchen is off limits.

The refrigerator is one of the most essential things you’ll want to include. Ask your contractor if they can relocate your existing fridge to your temporary location instead of buying a mini one. This will make dinner preparation a lot easier. We, at Innovative Kitchen & Bath, also recommend the following crucial items:

  • One- burner hotplate, or two-burner if you prefer
  • Microwave
  • Toaster oven
  • Instant Pot
  • Coffee maker

You will be able to cook a wide range of meals at home with all of these tools.

Consider Using A Temporary Sink and Dishwasher

In addition to small kitchen appliances, you’ll need a water supply to wash dishes so that you don’t need to make use of the bathtub.

Although it may not be in the temporary kitchen space you’ve put up, your contractor should be able to connect the sink to an existing plumbing supply in your home. If you have a nearby laundry or utility room with a sink, you could utilize that instead. If your sink doesn’t have a garbage disposal, take care not to throw food scraps down it.

Consider purchasing a portable dishwasher to make things easier in the long run. You’ll have a well-functioning temporary kitchen with the rest of your appliances and sink to assist you in getting through your remodel.

Let Us Help

At Innovative Kitchen & Bath we will gladly help set up a temporary kitchen for you before we start on your remodel. Call us to discuss it.