Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Kitchen or Bath in the New Year

Refresh your kitchen or bath for 2021.

Refresh your kitchen or bath for 2021.

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and packing up all the ornaments, lights and other Christmas décor, a lot of people have an urge to take on a project to refresh somewhere in the house. So, to get the year off to a good start we, at Innovative Kitchen and Bath, have made a list of ways, some easy and others a little more involved, to give your kitchen or bath a fresh new look.


You are guaranteed to make your space look and feel new just by changing the wall color. A versatile gray that is both warm and cool is a good choice. Although there are foolproof colors such as white and neutral, adding a little color once in a while is worth experimenting with.

Cabinet Hardware

A quick and affordable way to give cabinets, vanities and furniture a facelift is by just changing the cabinet hardware. You may want something classic, or perhaps you prefer to make a big statement. There is such a vast range of hardware available that you are bound to find something that just pops out at you. Whether it be modern stainless-steel handles, traditional cup pulls or knobs that look like crystals, the choice is all yours.


One of the easiest ways to make a change is to update your linens, whether it be new hand towels, kitchen towels or luxurious bath towels. It’s also freshens up an existing color palette. Use unique guest towels in the powder room to make your guests feel a little more special, and how about something luxurious for the guest or master bath.

New Sink

Installing a new sink may not be as quick as hanging a new towel, but it is probably easier than you expect to switch out a drop-in kitchen or bathroom sink. There are a variety of drop-in sink styles for you to choose from that will drop easily into your existing cabinetry or vanity.


Lighting is a great way to update a space. Although it isn’t the easiest update it does make a big impact and draws attention.

What are your plans for giving your home a fresh look for the New Year? If we can assist you in any way give us at Innovative Kitchen and Bath a call. We’d love to hear from you. Be safe, healthy and happy in 2021.