Four Benefits of an Open Plan Kitchen

Enjoy the wide-open spaces of an open plan kitchen.

Enjoy the wide-open spaces of an open plan kitchen.

There are a variety of kitchen designs with each one of them offering something special. An open kitchen is currently one of the most popular choices in new homes. An open kitchen, as the name implies, does not have any walls separating it from the connecting rooms such as the living room and the dining room. Although some people prefer a stand-alone kitchen, an open kitchen does have quite a few advantages.

Be Part of the Conversation

If you love spending time with your family, then you will find when you are cooking in the kitchen, that the lack of walls in the open kitchen design allows you to still be part of the conversation in the living room. With no walls in the way you can still enjoy time together with conversations flowing easily from room to room. When you have guests over it not only gives everyone a chance to spend time together, you will find it easier to keep watch and make sure that everyone is having a good time.


The overall atmosphere of your home can be affected by the lighting, which is why many homes have large windows allowing lots of natural light in.  Your cooking space will not be cut off from that natural light if you have an open plan kitchen design. Essentially the open kitchen, dining room and living room all get the same lighting making your home feel more inviting.


Your overall home design will certainly be more stylish with an open kitchen. This is mainly because an open kitchen looks bigger compared to a closed kitchen of the same size. Even though a closed kitchen would probably have plenty of space, people inside the open kitchen feel less restricted without walls blocking the way. It is less about practicality and more about inducing feelings of comfort when it comes to style.


Although, practically speaking, an open kitchen’s style doesn’t do much, your home is generally made a bit more convenient by the overall design. It is easy moving between the kitchen, living room and dining room because they, in fact are one big open room, which is especially helpful if you have a large family.

Would you like to enjoy all the benefits of an open concept kitchen?  Then call Innovative Kitchen and Bath today and let us make it happen for you. We will work with you to create a unique design catering for your individual needs and style preferences.