Farmhouse Sinks: What You Should Know

Farmhouse Sinks: What You Should Know – Innovative Kitchen & Bath – Kirkland, WA

Farmhouse sinks certainly are stylish and popular, but they aren’t for everyone. Find out more about the pros and cons of this style of sink.

It is essential to be aware of all the benefits and drawbacks of a farmhouse sink when you decide whether to install this design in your kitchen. Despite being a long-standing trend, it might not be the greatest option for every kitchen.

Let’s examine some of the benefits and drawbacks of a farmhouse sink.

Benefits of a Farmhouse Sink

At Innovative Kitchen & Bath we have found these to be a few of the most popular advantages of a farm style sink.

Additional Capacity

For soaking dishes, big pots and pans, and other difficult-to-clean objects like grill grates, stock pots, and baking sheets, the added width and depth of these sinks provide plenty of space. Additionally, it is easier to lift heavy objects into and out of apron sinks because of their forward orientation in relation to the counters and cabinets.

More Versatile

A farmhouse sink won’t typically have holes already drilled for a faucet. While this may initially appear to be a bad thing, it actually gives homeowners a little more freedom to select the ideal faucet for their needs.

Although the faucet will usually be placed on the countertop behind the sink, you have the flexibility to install it wherever it is most practical for your kitchen.

Attractive Appearance 

Let’s be real. One of the main reasons you’re drawn to owning a farmhouse sink is certainly its “look.” The increased capacity is merely a bonus. However, it cannot be denied that it provides a natural center point in a room in your house where you spend a lot of time. 

Many Options to Consider

Farmhouse sinks come in a huge selection of materials, hues, and finishes. Finding one that blends in with the cabinetry and other appliances in your kitchen and complements its design is now incredibly easy.

Drawbacks of a Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks certainly have their own set of drawbacks and difficulties, just like anything else you purchase for your home. These should be considered when you plan remodeling your kitchen or upgrading your sink.

They Need a Lot of Space

The drawback of having more capacity is how much space farmhouse sinks often take up. Installing this style of sink may take up some of the valuable space in your kitchen because they are larger and deeper than other types of sinks.

The most visible loss that most homeowners consider is the amount of countertop space. They often don’t think about the additional depth of an apron sink and the potential loss of under-sink storage. If you also have a garbage disposal, this is especially true.

A Heavier Build Could Complicate Installation

You’ll find that most farm sinks weigh far more than other kitchen sink varieties because of their sturdy construction. Although it’s not always the case and depends on the sink’s material, it’s likely that you will need to modify your current cabinetry to withstand the additional weight.

If you’re building a new kitchen or undertaking significant renovations, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But if you want to replace a more typical sink with an apron sink, the increased weight can provide an unexpected issue.

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