The Family-Friendly Kitchen Makeover Guide

We can help you design a kitchen that the whole family will love.
We can help you design a kitchen that the whole family will love.

Planning a family-friendly kitchen remodel can be a bit overwhelming at times, which is why we, at Innovative Kitchen & Bath, have compiled this guide.

While family-friendly elements can be added to gourmet and entertaining kitchens, some families place a greater emphasis on designing a space that accommodates everyone’s busy everyday lives. This entails accommodating everyone, from kids who might prepare their own after-school snacks, to a parent who needs a place to organize meals and activities and not forgetting pets who eat in the kitchen.

When selecting elements for a family kitchen, keep in mind that the actual value comes from space layout and cabinetry features that improve the kitchen’s daily functionality.

Kitchens Centered Around Family

A kitchen makeover should last at least 10 years by which time kids will be grown up. The kitchen should be flexible so that it can accommodate both families with children and those with empty nests.

Carefully examine how you utilize your current kitchen by making a list of who uses the kitchen and how it is used. Before you start your kitchen renovation, set goals for your remodel so you can remain on track as you decide on a floor plan, appliances, cabinetry, and other significant factors.

Features to Consider

Easy cleanable surfaces. For families, wipe-ability is essential. Manufactured quartz surfaces are more resistant to stains because they are durable and less porous than natural stone. For households on a limited budget, laminate is an option that is stain-resistant, comes in a range of colors, and patterns that can even imitate granite. Consider the materials’ shock-ability before making your selection. Quartz withstands impact better than granite, and glass tile is not a good shock absorber.

User-friendly pantry. Families’ main concern is storage for groceries, and the consumables zone frequently doesn’t receive the planning time it merits. Fully extending pantry cabinet drawers make it simple to reach items.

Open plan. In a family’s home, the kitchen and living room are almost synonymous. The distinction between the two is diminishing, and one should flow into the other.

Islands. Features like an island can perform multiple functions in a family kitchen, including snack bar, eating area, and homework station for children while a parent fixes supper.

Convection microwave. The usefulness of the microwave is enhanced by the ability to utilize it as a real convection oven. Instead of installing a double oven, you can use it as a small oven and save money.  This microwave not only works as a fast-speed oven, but also a reheating and cooking appliance.

Other Options to Consider:

  • A pull-out countertop that is lower and allows kids plenty of space
  • A 30-inch baker’s height countertop in one area.
  • A family-friendly seating space with armchairs and a coffee table or perhaps a breakfast nook;
  • Easy-to-clean floor surfaces, such as porcelain tiles; and
  • Storage containers built into cabinetry for pet food.

Ready to Explore Your Options?

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