Employee Spotlight: Jim – Project Engineer

Employee Jim & FamilyWhen asked to think of a positive, ambitious and talented employee at Innovative Kitchen & Bath to highlight on our blog … Jim immediately came to mind.  I’ve worked with Jim for over 7 years in a variety of roles, and Jim has always stood out as an exceptional employee and someone our customers enjoy having in their home.  We have recently promoted him to the Project Engineer role – this is something both he and I are excited about (and our customers will be, too).

Jim worked in cabinet shops and helped his dad in his contractor business in high school.  I had the opportunity to work with him in a cabinet shop, as well as on several remodel projects since then.  Jim has become quite skilled and knowledgeable in the remodel business – this is a huge benefit to our customers, as well as our team.

In his new role, Jim will take the detailed measurements of the space, once a customer has decided to hire Innovative Kitchen & Bath for the remodel.  With these detailed measurements, Jim will engineer the project, then order the necessary materials.  Jim’s knowledge and attention to detail ensure our projects start on-time and that we have all of the necessary components.   Jim is also involved behind the scene once our Project Manager is on-site at the customer’s home during construction.  Jim supports the Project Manager to make sure the project is on track and to source any additional materials that may be needed.   Jim also brings an enthusiasm to a project – the homeowners often comment that Jim is just as excited about their project as they are!

When I asked Jim about his experience working with Innovative Kitchen & Bath, he shared this:

“Working for Rob is awesome.  He trusts his employees and does not micromanage – this allows us to learn, grow and take responsibility for our jobs.  I also like that Rob and the design team are always learning about cutting edge technology to incorporate into their discussions with customers.  For example, right now there are a lot of new lighting options for kitchens and bathrooms – during the engineering and installation, I get to learn about these and see how happy the customers are with the lighting we recommended.  I also really enjoy meeting and getting to know our customers.  Each family is unique and it is enjoyable to be in their home to share in a small piece of helping them make it a more enjoyable space for their family.

Jim kitchen projectAs for my favorite project – we recently completed a kitchen remodel for a professional couple in Woodinville that included glass-like reflective cabinets, high tech appliances, unique lighting and complex tile work.  There were some challenges with removing a wall and hiding the beam, as well as installing low vault lighting in a very minimal way. 

Working with the homeowners to find a solution that worked was a lot of fun and very satisfying!  

Jim with BrosOn a personal note, when my wife and I found out we were expecting triplets, Rob and the Innovative Kitchen & Bath team rallied their  friends and family to gather an enormous amount of toys, clothes and baby gear to help our family out. 

Rob really cares about his employees and he made sure we were well taken care of and we are extremely grateful.”