Choosing Appliances for a Kitchen Remodel

New appliances are often the driving force behind a kitchen remodel. So how do you decide what you need?
New appliances are often the driving force behind a kitchen remodel. So how do you decide what you need?

A major appliance failure is frequently the trigger for a kitchen remodel. It’s possible that a homeowner will decide that it’s time to remodel the entire kitchen rather than just one appliance.

The appliance list is the first thing to think about, whether it’s a practical need or the right timing for your kitchen makeover. Instead of focusing on brands and specifics at first, consider how you will cook, bake, roast, store, and clean.

When considering new appliances for a well-designed kitchen, consider the following questions:

Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Appliances

  • Cooking Surface: Do you require a cooking surface with more than four burners? If you had a griddle, how often would you use it? Next, look into the advantages and preferences of using gas or electric to cook. After considering the cooking surface, the ventilation requirements can be determined.
  • Oven(s): Is it necessary to have two ovens? Do you bake frequently? What kinds of meals do you prepare in your oven? Do you wish to improve your baking and roasting skills?
  • Microwave: Do you use a microwave frequently, and if so, who else does? Is it for warming, thawing, or just popcorn and reheating? Is it better to have the microwave below the counter or above the counter for the users?
  • Refrigeration: Is the freezer as crucial as the refrigerator? Do you buy in large quantities? Do you like to utilize fresh or frozen ingredients? What kind of refrigeration do you require?
  • Clean-up: When is the last time you ran the dishwasher? Do you have a lot of guests? What is the size of your groups? Is it really necessary to have two dishwashers?
  • Sink Options: Is it better to have one bowl or several bowls? Do you cook with a lot of big pots, pans, or sheets? Do you chop a lot of veggies? Do you require a separate, small bowl for the waste disposal?

From Your Needs to Your Wishlist

As you consider these questions while developing your appliance list, you might want to look into some items that are considered luxuries rather than necessities.

  • Because manufacturers have designed them for the home, convection steam ovens are becoming more popular in residential kitchens. Cooking with moist heat (as many restaurants do) keeps your final meals moist, speeds up the cooking process, and reheats like it was originally served.
  • What about an espresso machine built right in? Coffee is a necessity for the vast majority of us! With little effort you can grind, froth, and prepare the perfect cup of coffee with a coffee system integrated into cabinetry.

As you begin to answer these questions, your kitchen designer at Innovative Kitchen & Bath will be able to assist you in developing your appliance list, giving you a head start on your new kitchen design. Contact us today, or drop by our showroom in Kirkland.