Cabinet Refacing Project In Woodinville

The homeowners of this Woodinville house liked the layout of their kitchen and they had beautiful wood floors, but they wanted to upgrade the kitchen to a more modern look, as well as update their appliances. This is a great example of a “good candidate” for a cabinet refacing project. In addition, there was an opportunity to replace the countertops and make some minor adjustments to the cabinets, to add functionality.


Here are photos of the kitchen before the project began:


During project preparation and construction, the floors are covered with plywood and builders paper for protection, and the room is enclosed with plastic to contain dust from the project:

Reface prep

Reface prep4

Here is a summary of the changes to this kitchen in Woodinville:

  • Modern cabinet doors with upgraded hardware (replaced basic cabinet doors/hardware)
  • Custom built large drawers to provide more functionality (replaced standard lower cupboard doors with shelves)
  • Marble countertops (replaced 4×4 tile countertops)
  • Bi-fold pantry doors (replaced builders grade pantry doors) 
  • Appliances with cabinet fronts added to blend in with the rest of the cabinetry (replaced original/mismatched appliances) 
  • Corbels added to island
  • Relocated appliance garage next to pantry for more functionality


Reface complete

Reface complete4

Reface complete6

The benefits to the homeowner on this kitchen cabinet refacing project included:

  • Quick turn-around to complete the project (approximately 2 weeks) and less disruption to their home
  • Reduction in waste by reusing existing cabinet frames
  • No modifications to flooring, since the cabinets stayed in the same place
  • More functional kitchen (drawers, appliance garage)
  • A kitchen “upgrade” at a reduced cost compared to a complete remodel

If you are wondering if your kitchen is a good candidate for cabinet refacing, schedule a free consultation – we’d love to hear your ideas and dreams for your kitchen!