BuildClean for a Livable Remodel

BuildClean is a big part of our commitment to giving you a livable remodel experience.
BuildClean is a big part of our commitment to giving you a livable remodel experience.

Innovative Kitchen and Bath is your one-stop shop for interior design and construction experts that can assist you in creating a happy, healthy Kirkland area home. Each project begins with a design and budget consultation which will assist you in clarifying your design concepts, as well as understanding the remodeling process, and developing the best budget for your project. One of the biggest differences between us and our competitors is the concept of a “livable remodel.”

The principle of livable remodeling is that remodeling does not have to be difficult for the client. It entails employing best practices to keep your home orderly and dust-free throughout the project. During a remodeling project, we prioritize your comfort. As a clean contractor, we take pleasure in keeping our dust to a minimum.

During a remodeling project, we prioritize your comfort. We are proud to offer our clients a worry-free renovation experience by incorporating the BuildClean Dust Control System, the most cutting-edge dust control technology, into our dust control plan.

What is the importance of dust control?

Here are three questions you should ask a contractor regarding dust during a remodel:

  1. How much dust will be produced by the project?

All projects generate dust at some point during the process. You’ll need to know how much dust will be produced.

  1. How will the contractor ensure your home is livable?

The majority of homeowners stay in their homes during renovations. The top contractors will have a dust control strategy that incorporates the most up-to-date technology as well as industry best practices. If there is no plan, there should be no agreement.

  1. How is the contractor going to carry out the plan?

It is not enough to just have a modest box fan, sheets of plastic paper, and a vacuum cleaner.

Livable remodeling

At Innovative Kitchen and Bath we are proud to be able to offer our clients our worry-free livable remodeling system.

The process is simple: finish the project in a way that makes living through it bearable and ensures that all aspects of the task, such as dust control and indoor air quality, are addressed.

Because various dust-generating activities (i.e. demolition, dry wall sanding, etc.) will occur during the remodeling process, this concept focuses on dust and indoor air quality (IAQ). Construction dust that isn’t properly controlled can create health problems, damage to goods, diminish your satisfaction with the project, and just become a major annoyance.

On every project, we use the BuildClean dust management system in conjunction with ZipWall barriers, dust collection mats, and specialized drop cloths to make each project “livable” and keeping our customers happy. We’ll catch and remove up to 90% of airborne dust that accumulates during your remodeling job using the BuildClean Dust Control System.

Let’s get started Come visit our showroom in Kirkland, or contact us today and start the conversation. Let us show you your dream can become a reality, and you can experience a livable remodel first-hand.