Bring Autumn into Your Kitchen Design

Warm autumn colors, seasonal fruit and vegetables, and more. Here’s how to bring fall into your kitchen design.
Warm autumn colors, seasonal fruit and vegetables, and more. Here’s how to bring fall into your kitchen design.

Many people enjoy this time of year because the leaves are changing colors and the air is cooling down after another lovely Seattle summer. Why not remodel the interior of your home to reflect the changes outside? Bringing fall into your kitchen will make you smile and make you love it every time you come in. At Innovative Kitchen & Bath we have put together some ideas for incorporating autumn decor into your kitchen right now.

How to Add Autumn Decor to your Kitchen

A Seasonal Fruit Basket

A seasonal fruit basket is a terrific way to add a nice touch to your kitchen. It’s a low-cost and easy way to decorate. When you add a few berry twigs to the basket it becomes not only a décor but also a storage container for your fruit.

You can choose your fruit in a variety of ways when putting together your basket. For a coordinated effect, all of the fruit should be the same color, such as green apples and pears. If this is not the look you want, you could choose a colorful basket filled with a variety of fall fruits such as pears, cranberries, apples, gooseberries, huckleberries, and other berries.

You can use a conventional natural fiber or straw basket. Even better, if you think outside the box you can also use a flowerpot, a fancy glass bowl, a wooden crate, or a wire basket. All of these will offer your fruit basket a one-of-a-kind design while maintaining the festival fall vibe in your kitchen.

Bring Sunflowers into the House

Displaying sunflowers inside your kitchen is another easy way to add autumn decor. These vibrant flowers will instantly brighten the atmosphere and give pleasure to everyone who sees them.

Napkin Rolls in a Variety of Colors

Using colored napkins as decorations is another simple and cost-effective method to brighten up and make your kitchen feel festive. You can use colors like orange, yellow, red, and brown to lay the table and to wrap the cutlery tied together with twine. This is a terrific idea whether you plan on using the napkins frequently or just want to keep the table set until Thanksgiving and use the decorations to dress up your space.

Bring in the Scents of Autumn

One of the most enjoyable aspects of autumn is the plethora of scents that surround it. Making your own fall simmer pot with cinnamon sticks, apples, nutmeg, and other spices to freshen up your house is one method to do this. You can also keep it easy by purchasing fall-scented candles to light throughout your home. Diffusers, on the other hand, are a good alternative and available in a variety of aromas.

You have a variety of alternatives for bringing autumn decor into your kitchen this season. Even tiny details like placing sunflowers in brightly colored vases or covering your cutlery in fall-hued napkins can make you smile. Don’t forget to bake pumpkin bread or burn fall-scented candles to add the aroma of fall as well.

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