Bathroom Tile Trends to Consider 

Bolder colors, hexagon shapes, tile on the wall – just some of the bathroom tile trends we’re tracking.
Bolder colors, hexagon shapes, tile on the wall – just some of the bathroom tile trends we’re tracking.

There’s a reason we choose tile for bathroom flooring. It is not only a long-lasting material, but it can also withstand all the moisture that accumulates in the house’s wettest room. Tile is also one of the greatest bathroom flooring options because of its design versatility, with a wide range of shapes, textures, and colors to suit any aesthetic.

Choosing Your Bathroom’s Tile Trend

When selecting a tile trend, keep in mind that if you are not planning on staying in your house indefinitely, it may be wise to avoid something that is “too trendy.” Your Art Deco-inspired tile may not appeal to a potential buyer, and replacing tile is not the quickest home repair process.

There are, however, a wealth of bathroom tile ideas that are both unique and simple. Which of these tile designs and styles appeal to you the most?

Deep colors

To generate a peaceful ambience, we generally turn to white and muted colors when thinking of bathroom decor. Darker colors, on the other hand, can generate a similarly relaxing atmosphere. Modern tile in jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and even black is a great way to give a bathroom a luxurious feel. They also look great with gold hardware, which enhances the aesthetic even more.

Textured tile

Allow 3-D tile to bring your bathroom walls to life! The main emphasis of this eye-catching bathroom tile style is the texture of the tile, which may be achieved in any color, pattern, or finish. Create an organic, rustic vibe in your bathroom with fragmented natural stone tiles or use tiles that replicate ocean waves to create a geometric design.


The hexagon leads the pack in brilliant tile design. We’ve seen small hexagons confined to the floor or used to create antiquated flowers in bathrooms of the past. But hexagon bathroom tiles, on the other hand, are making a comeback in 2021, increasing in size and finding their way onto walls, backsplashes, and even showers.


If you’re drawn to Moroccan-inspired spas and hammams for their exquisite tile work, a striking design pattern can be a nice fit for your bathroom. These printed tiles are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs to match the mood you’re going for. If you admire bohemian inventiveness but want to tone it down a notch, go for a unique form with a monotone color pattern, such as blue. Alternatively, use the tile as a focal point in a shower niche.

Subway tile

Subway tile is still popular in 2021. Before you dismiss this timeless design, keep in mind that it is more than just simple white rectangular tiles. Beveled edges, textured faces, and a rainbow of hues have given subway tile a makeover. Consider a sea green, a dreamy gray, or a coastal blue. You may even go with plain white for a classic, timeless design, but use gray grout to make it pop.

How to Begin Your Bathroom Renovation

Innovative Kitchen and Bath can assist you if you are inspired by these bathroom tile ideas and want to explore your dream bathroom renovation further. If you’re looking for an excellent bathroom remodeler, we are more than able to help you bring your bathroom ideas to life. Contact us today, or visit our Kirkland showroom.

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