Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Consider in 2020

Check out these hot new bathroom remodeling ideas for 2020.

Check out these hot new bathroom remodeling ideas for 2020.

It is amazing how homeowners raise the bar on design every year. No matter if its color, patterns or detailed crown moldings, they continue to extend their own creative boundaries. We have studied several completed remodels more closely to identify recurring trends as well as new trends.

Smart styling, color choice and limitless access to ideas have provided renovators with the inspiration and materials needed to create a perfect personal space. This is particularly evident in bathrooms.

Blue: The Color of the Year

It was no surprise that navy blue was considered the ‘Color of the Year” by design leaders.  Many renovators are turning to dark blue for their bathroom makeovers. Deep blues are not only classic and comforting they also provide a good contrast against light colored tiles and floors.

Floating Vanities

There are great reasons for choosing a floating (wall mounted) vanity for your bathroom makeover. They make small bathrooms appear more spacious providing extra storage options below. As the floating vanity doesn’t extend to the floor it will be easier to clean underneath and your tile will be a key feature. 

Size can Matter

A big impact is created with large-format tiles, known as LFT’s in the industry. They can range from 16 inches to 10 feet requiring fewer grout lines to keep clean. You can create a seamless look on shower walls, floors or even tub surrounds. How about considering a large slab cascading down a wall?

Let your Wall make a Statement

Don’t be afraid of choosing a daring design for the bathroom. Instead of playing it safe, this traditionally small room can easily be turned into one that gives you a feeling of joy. It does not matter if it is one wall or four you can go out on a limb and take a small, or giant, bold step. It’s up to you.

Are you ready for a bathroom makeover? Whether you want to make a big change or just a small design trend, a perfect space to exercise your creativity is the bathroom. Give us a call today. We at Innovative Kitchen & Bath in Kirkland can help you achieve your vision and will assist you see your project through to completion.