Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Don’t get wet and cold when turning on the shower! Stay away from these bathroom remodeling mistakes.
Don’t get wet and cold when turning on the shower! Stay away from these bathroom remodeling mistakes.

It is easy to be carried away with the excitement of planning your bathroom remodeling and not give sufficient consideration to the eventual practicalities of your plans.

While you may have a clear idea of what you are aiming for, the visual appearance of a bathroom is often only half the work. When creating a practical, functional space there are a lot of hidden elements to be carefully considered, such as ventilation and drainage. This is why we recommend hiring a professional bathroom remodeler, such as Innovative Kitchen and Bath, to help you with your remodel particularly if any of your changes involve plumbing, electrical or demolition.

So, before you make the “first-timers” mistakes, here are some things we think you should know before you start your first bathroom remodel.

Getting Wet to Turn on the Shower

The worst bathroom design mistake is positioning the shower so you get drenched in freezing cold water when you turn the controls on. People seem to be convinced you need to position the shower controls directly under the shower head. The problem is the shower head is often at the far end of the shower away from the door, which means you have to step into the shower to reach the controls. Fortunately, this problem is easily fixed by either moving the controls or the shower door.

The shower controls should be positioned near the door for easy access.

Poor Vanity Lighting

You need to space vanity lighting so that it is proportional with the mirrors and cabinetry, giving a feeling of balance. Provide a sconce on each side of the mirror with bulb height between 60” and 66”. If combined with a recessed can light above the sink, the combined light sources diffuse the hard shadows.

Adequate Storage Not Planned For

Make a list of everything you use every day in your beauty and hygiene routine as well as linens and other supplies such as toilet paper. Now you can plan the best way to store them.

Forgetting a Hand Shower

A hand shower is very useful both for cleaning the shower walls and also for rinsing your hair. If it is set up correctly you can run your hand shower and your main shower head together creating an affordable version of body jets, particularly if the hand shower is mounted on an adjustable wall bar.

Forgetting the Towel Bars and Hooks

This is an easy mistake to make. Towel bars and hooks need clear wall space so your towels can dry properly. Consider placing a hook that can easily be reached from the shower.

Ready to Get Started? It may take some patience to realize your bathroom remodel, but in the end it’ll worth all the planning and work you put into it. Contact Innovative Kitchen and Bath today and let us help you to start your bathroom remodeling. We proudly serve Kirkland, Woodinville, and Sammamish and the surrounding area.