Bathroom Design Trends for 2022

What will be the big trends in bathroom design for 2022? Find out here!
What will be the big trends in bathroom design for 2022? Find out here!

We’re still spending a lot of time at home, which means we’re paying greater attention to how our rooms appear and work. In 2022, homeowners will update their outmoded bathroom design with more durable fixtures and elegant accents that provide a comfortable, functional update. Of course, Innovative Kitchen & Bath will gladly show homeowners how to achieve their dream.

1. Touchless faucets and updated sinks

Faucets are the most popular bathroom update, and their counterpart, sinks, have seen an increase in replacements over the previous year. Over the last 20 months, there has been a greater emphasis on the need of handwashing. Installing a touchless fixture is one approach to make an area more sanitary.

2. Organic Design

In 2020, organic style, which highlights natural materials, warm, earthy hues, and abundant plants, became a popular topic in home design, and it soon rose to the top of the bathroom style rankings. Bath designs, particularly those that appreciate a connection to nature, will continue to use accents that compliment this style.

3. Storage that serves multiple purposes

Many people are rethinking their present home layouts due to a need for better-functioning rooms, with storage being a big factor. Linen closets in the master bath have become a popular feature among homebuyers. Bathroom layouts are likely to open up during the next three years to include dressing spaces, closets, and laundry facilities.

4. Contemporary Influences

Modern accents will be prominent in 2022, regardless of the overall style of a bathroom. Introducing a modern touch is now trendier, with a fun, modern light fixture adding a vibrant element of surprise.

5. Integrated Technology 

Technology continues to be integrated into bathroom designs for better comfort and efficiency, thanks to the rising popularity of smart toilets and touchless faucets. Bath technology trends for 2022 include digital, wall-mounted interfaces, smartphone apps, tech-savvy shower controls, and heated flooring.

Bath ventilation enhancements are also popular for 2022. Humidity- and steam-sensing exhaust fans, which operate without the need for the user to turn them on or off, are popular investments that could be used to replace older ventilation in a practical and sustainable manner. 

6. Vanity lighting improved.

For a brighter bathroom, many homeowners are replacing light fixtures. Gold and black finishes, on the other hand, continue to be fashionable accents. In 2022, self-lit vanity mirrors will remain popular for brightening bathrooms, with a definite trend toward sustainable LED illumination.

7. Upgrades to Universal Design

More than half of bathroom renovations are done to meet the needs of certain groups, such as elderly relatives, young children, or persons with impairments.

In the future years, expect accessibility to merge with the already popular spa-inspired shower trend. Shower fixtures such as rainfall showerheads, body sprayers, and mood lighting are becoming increasingly popular. Showers with no curbs, handheld showers, and shower benches are being implemented. These features are frequently seen in luxury showers, although they are also compatible with universal design. In both new construction and remodeling, barrier-free showers with no curb are becoming the norm. They are no longer referred to as “wheelchair-accessible” showers, but rather as “access for all” showers.

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