Ageless Kitchen & Bath Design: What You Need to Know

Ageless kitchen and bath design can be functional and beautiful no matter what age you are.
Ageless kitchen and bath design can be functional and beautiful no matter what age you are.

You adore your home, your neighborhood, and your location, but it may not be suitable for your future lifestyle. You could either buy or build a new home. But what if you decide to stay and make changes to better suit your future requirements?

At Innovative Kitchen & Bath we have noticed an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to build their dream home while remaining in the location that holds their family’s memories. Many people are making renovation decisions right now, with the possibility of future limitations in mind. Ageless design isn’t just for the elderly; it’s smart and prudent to think about the future for yourself or, if desired, for resale.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most commonly remodeled areas, so let us look at some simple design ideas to consider that could have an impact.

Ageless Kitchen and Bath Design Tips

Switch to a kitchen-height vanity cabinet and a comfort-height toilet in the bathroom. Consider a barrier-free or low-profile shower threshold and add grab bars and a strategically placed shower seat.

Choose drawers instead of doors and pullout shelves in the kitchen. Drawers with full access and single motion are the most popular current option. For storage flexibility, a balance of different features is still preferred.

The design concept of a kitchen work triangle should be reconsidered. It is more efficient to prepare and cook in a straight line. A large sink keeps the work contained and allows you to prep, cook, and serve all in one place. Keeping the cooking surface close to and in line with the sink improves efficiency and reduces turning and moving, which means there should also be fewer slips and spills.

Keep the microwave at or just below counter height to reduce bending and overhead reaching. Microwave drawers are an excellent choice for this reason. Consider installing a pantry cabinet with rollout shelves and possibly drawers at the bottom. Choose appliances with easy-to-read controls, soften counter corners to reduce bumps and bruises, and make sure your flooring is not too slick when wet.

Kitchen clearances are typically 42 inches. Increase your clearances if you have the room. True universal design necessitates much more, but even an inch or two more is an improvement.

Are You Ready for the Future?

If you want to maintain your home, your memories, and your way of life while planning for the next stage of your life, you can renovate with ageless kitchen and bath design. If you’re in Seattle or the surrounding area and would like find out more about kitchen or bath design, or you would like to discuss your ideas, please give us a call at Innovative Kitchen & Bath today! We’d love to chat with you.