8 Kitchen Features to Reduce Stress During Thanksgiving

8 Kitchen Features to Reduce Stress During Thanksgiving – Innovative Kitchen & Bath – Kirkland, WA

Reduce holiday kitchen chaos! Discover how spacious countertops, a compact island, and more can make Thanksgiving a breeze.

Do you want to reduce the number of Thanksgiving preparation steps? Need more space for visitors? Innovative Kitchen & Bath’s Thanksgiving-ready kitchen ideas have it all.

People look forward to spending Thanksgiving with friends and family expressing thankfulness for countless blessings. However, putting those factors aside, homeowners may experience stress during large gatherings. The most difficult task is keeping the kitchen organized while preparing and cooking food and serving guests. The frustrations brought on by clutter can be lessened with the correct kitchen features. To help reduce the stress of the holidays, Innovative Kitchen & Bath has assisted many homeowners in designing kitchens fit for Thanksgiving. These specific kitchen design ideas were chosen because of their distinctive qualities, which will add ease and enjoyment to any celebration.

  1. Spacious kitchen countertops
  2. A compact kitchen island
  3. A deep and wide sink
  4. Conversayion hubs
  5. Built-in pot fillers
  6. Kitchen appliances
  7. A walk-in pantry
  8. Multipurpose kitchen island

1. Spacious kitchen countertops make preparing Thanksgiving feasts a breeze

Thanksgiving requires spacious kitchen counters for the gathering of family and friends. However, many kitchens are short on counter space for hosting. Create more space and less clutter by increasing the work surface area. Large surfaces are necessary for cooking and preparing large meals, as well as spreading out platters.  When preparing and cooking, a kitchen peninsula could be the solution to many problems.

2. A compact kitchen island comes with significant benefits

There may be unrealized potential in small areas. A smaller kitchen island transforms into a three-drawer storage powerhouse that holds dishes, pots and pans, silverware, and cutlery. Because it also functions as a serving station, it’s perfect for dinner parties and holidays where the focus is on food.

3. The dreaded dinner cleanup is made easier with a deep and wide sink

Deep and wide sinks are great for holding dishes that are too big for a conventional basin or the dishwasher. Large volume farmhouse sinks work well for soaking particularly sticky dishes and baking trays or sauté pans because of their distinctive deep design.

4. Pass-through areas become hubs where conversations take place

Thanksgiving conversation becomes more enjoyable with the addition of barstools to the kitchen island. Guests wanting to lend a hand can help prepare the food and chat with the host without getting under foot. Barstools at the pass-through not only provide seats but also make the space feel more open.

5. During Thanksgiving, work smarter, not harder, with built-in pot fillers

A pot-filler installed above the stove removes a step in the cooking process. You can save time and steps by not having to lug a heavy pot from the sink to the stove. This useful feature will make cooking spaghetti, corn on the cob, or mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving much easier.

6. Any Thanksgiving feast requires the right kitchen appliances

Updating outdated appliances during a kitchen revamp will improve functionality, reduce energy use, and provide a sleek, modern appearance.

7. A walk-in pantry facilitates easier access to storage

Thanks to walk-in pantries, the main kitchen area is kept clutter-free, which can be challenging during the holidays! Food essentials, drinks, and canned products can all be kept organized thanks to the additional storage. The pantry enhances the kitchen’s charm whether it has a door or an open entry. If you’re not very good at cooking at home, you might want to install a walk-in pantry to store your larger kitchen appliances, pans, and bulk spices and ingredients.

8. Multipurpose kitchen island

Have a spot that doesn’t get in the way of preparing dinner if your guests have a habit of gathering in the kitchen when they arrive. There’s room where you can prepare food and present it perfectly at the same time with a multipurpose kitchen island.

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