5 Ways to Give Your Kitchen A Springtime Facelift

5 Ways to Give Your Kitchen A Springtime Facelift – Innovative Kitchen & Bath – Kirkland, WA
Give your kitchen a springtime facelift and you’ll enjoy it year-round.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s where we prepare our meals, entertain guests, and gather with family. Because of its importance, it’s no surprise that many of us want our kitchens to look their best.

If your kitchen is in need of a remodel there are a few simple changes you can make that will have a big impact. From refreshing the paint to adding new accessories, there are many ways to give your kitchen a springtime facelift. Here are 5 top ideas from Innovative Kitchen & Bath in Kirkland for updating your kitchen, so you can get the most out of your family entertainment area this spring. Read on to find out more!

Give your cabinets a new paint job

Cabinets are key elements in a kitchen when it comes to aesthetics. A simple coat of paint can spruce up your cabinets and give them a whole new look. If you’re looking for a cool, modern look, opt for a bright color like blue or green. For a more traditional feel, choose a neutral color like white, beige, or gray.

Be sure to prep the cabinets properly before painting. Sand them down until they are smooth and make sure to clean them thoroughly. Also, consider investing in high-quality paint – it will make a huge difference in the end result

Replace your countertops

Granite or marble countertops instantly transform any kitchen by upgrading its style and adding value. If you’re looking for a subtle change, you can upgrade your countertops to a new material like quartz or butcher block, which have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Be sure to measure your countertop dimensions before purchasing new ones. You might also want to research the best materials for countertops to make sure you pick the right ones for your needs. Consider whether you want to install the new countertops yourself or whether you should hire a professional to do it for you.

Installing new countertops can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, but the end result is always worth it. With just this one small change, you can give your kitchen a total facelift. It is amazing what new countertops can do to transform the look of your kitchen.

Add some new hardware

The easiest way to give your kitchen a facelift is by adding some new hardware. Cabinet knobs, pulls, handles, and drawer pulls can be replaced to give any kitchen a new look. Hardware today comes in a variety of colors, sizes and finishes to match your kitchen.

You should also consider replacing existing faucets and sink fixtures, as well as adding a new backsplash. A backsplash adds texture and color, as well as drawing attention to the countertop. Choose from many styles and colors to match your kitchen.

Replace appliances and light fixtures

If you want an even bolder statement, replace any existing appliances with stainless steel or black stainless steel. You can always replace existing chandeliers or light fixtures with a modern version. Upgrading your lighting fixtures can create a dramatic effect on any kitchen.

Bring in some fresh plants

Bringing in fresh plants is a great way for you to give your kitchen a facelift and some much-needed life. Plants can be a great way to bring color, texture, and life into your kitchen. Plant your favorite seasonal flowers into a hanging pot, put it on the kitchen countertop, or simply put it on the windowsill. There are so many varieties from which to choose.

If you are looking for something that does not require too much maintenance, succulents would make a great addition to your kitchen. They purify the air, last longer, and you do not need to water them every day.

Herbs are an easy way to bring life into your kitchen. They also provide you with a convenient supply of fresh herbs whenever you need them while cooking.

Spring is the Perfect Time for a Kitchen Remodel or Facelift

Regardless of your budget, there are many ways to give your kitchen a facelift this spring. With a few simple changes, you can have a new look and feel to your kitchen, making it look like you just stepped out of a home and design magazine. For more ideas visit us at Innovative Kitchen & Bath’s new showroom in Kirkland or call us today!