5 Reasons for Installing an Acrylic Bath System in Your Home

Acrylic bath systems have a lot of advantages.

Acrylic bath systems have a lot of advantages.

Are you wanting to update the bathtub or shower in your bathroom? One of your options when installing a new shower or bathtub could be to rip down all the tiles and drywall surrounding the old bathtub or shower. Another option could be to install an acrylic bath system over your existing tile. Take a look at these five reasons for installing an acrylic bath system in your home.

Install an Acrylic Bath System in One Day

Under normal circumstances it will usually take a few days or more to put a bathtub or shower into place in your bathroom. This is because there are so many stages involved in removing the old bathtub or shower before a new one can be installed. Not so with an acrylic bath system which can be installed in just one day. In some cases not even a full day. That’s a big time saver!

Can Be Customized to Fit Almost Any Space

Whether you have a large bathtub or a small sized shower, your acrylic bath system can be customized to fit just about any space in your bathroom. You can have an acrylic bath system designed to your exact specifications.

Because It’s Durable It Won’t Ever Crack, Dent, Chip or Peel

You won’t ever have to worry that your acrylic bath system will wear down over time. There will never be any cracking, denting, chipping or peeling, as long as your system is installed properly. It will also never stain, yellow, or fade on you over the years. When maintained and cleaned regularly, it will always have a glossy shine.

It Will Be Easy to Clean

An acrylic bath system doesn’t require much cleaning. The amount of time you spend on getting your bathroom clean will be cut way down because there are no hard-to-clean grout lines. Your bathroom will stay bright and shiny in between cleanings.

You’ll Save Money During a Bathroom Remodel

You might be surprised to hear how affordable installing an acrylic bath system is when you consider all the benefits that come along with it.

To find out if an acrylic bath system is the right option for your bathroom, Innovative Kitchen and Bath in Kirkland, WA can tell you more about these systems and how they work. Get in touch with us today.