5 Great Reasons to Use Aluminum Doors for Your Kitchen Cabinets 

Kitchen cabinets with aluminum frames are stylish, sophisticated, and a great choice for your kitchen remodel.
Kitchen cabinets with aluminum frames are stylish, sophisticated, and a great choice for your kitchen remodel.

Glass doors with aluminum frames are an innovative and attractive modern addition to both residential and commercial kitchen cabinets designs. These cabinet doors compliment your stainless-steel appliances, aluminum kitchen wall shelving, and chic glass tile splash back with attractive inserts of clear, frosted, glazed, or tinted glass. They provide your kitchen decor a polished, modern look and softly reflect light, giving the places where you prepare food an inviting, subtle glow.

Glass Doors with Aluminum Frames are Durable

The sturdy aluminum frames won’t warp, shatter, or chip. They provide solid protection for the glass inserts and fit snugly on cabinet fronts, giving your kitchen’s interior decor a highly professional appearance and long-lasting service.

Glass Doors with Aluminum Frames Could Be Your New Kitchen Interior Design Element.

For a variety of reasons, including the following, new styles in glass kitchen cabinetry doors framed by elegant and sturdy aluminum are a desirable new addition to kitchen decor.

Glass Doors with Aluminum Frames Come in a Variety of Frame Designs and Finishes

The majority of aluminum frames for modern kitchen cabinets come in three different profiles—wide, slimline, or shadow—and at least five different frame widths. Wide door frames for horizontal cabinets, either as overhead wall-mounted models or under countertop designs, are a more traditional combination that some customers prefer.

For Mixing and Matching, Aluminum-Framed Glass Doors are Ideal

The visual contrast of broader door frames on vertical hanging or free-standing kitchen cabinets and narrower door frames on horizontal cabinetry may appeal to other homeowners or commercial kitchen managers. You have the last say in the design of these chic cabinet doors because your new kitchen cabinet doors can be tailored to your specifications.

A Beautiful Selection of Original Glass Inserts Are Available for Aluminum Framed Glass Doors

Your new aluminum-framed kitchen cabinet doors’ extremely attractive glass inserts can be made of frosted, glazed, tinted, smoky, or mirror glass. These glass inserts come alive with increased shine, glow, and warmth to subtly lighten and brighten your kitchen’s interior when matched with beautiful aluminum frames that have a brushed stainless, black satin, or smooth polished finish.

Despite the fact that the glass is extremely solid and resistant to breaking or cracking, these lovely, appealing glass inserts give the room a feeling of light, airy elegance. While the majority of customers choose identical glass inserts for their cabinets, some innovative clients like to mix clear or colored glass with frosted or glazed designs for a more artistic style of cabinet design.

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