4 Topics to Discuss with Your Kitchen Remodeler

To make your kitchen dreams come true, discuss everything with your kitchen remodeler.
To make your kitchen dreams come true, discuss everything with your kitchen remodeler.

When starting your kitchen project there are many design topics to consider. Most times kitchens are purchased once in a lifetime, which means you will have many questions and many topics to discuss with your kitchen remodeler. This is why we, at Innovative Kitchen and Bath, are here to assist you. To begin with the four basic topics to cover are:

  • Personal style
  • Functionality
  • Materials
  • Budget

Your Personal Home Style Matters

The style you decide on for your kitchen should complement your personal home style, particularly if your kitchen is open plan. With kitchens being a rare purchase, it is important for you to do research on the styles you enjoy and find the right style for your home. Ask your kitchen remodeler to draw everything for you so you can see the way the colors and finishes work in the space.

Kitchen Functionality

Functionality is what can make or break any kitchen space, so this is a very important topic to discuss. Even though your kitchen is beautiful, without functionality it’s probably really not a great space. Even the little things, like deciding if you prefer shelves or drawers, tie into kitchen functionality.


The materials bring together the kitchen style, functionality and budget, so it is an important design topic to discuss. There are so many choices when it comes to kitchen materials. They can be dark, light, soft, textured, and much, much more. Materials also have to be functional. For instance, not all countertops are perfectly smooth, so if you like to create smooth pastries on the countertop, keep in mind to see and feel materials before making your selection.

The Budget

Establishing the budget early on is the most important topic to consider. If you are undertaking several projects in your home, creating separate budgets for each space is the best way to start. This will help your modeler to know which forms of cabinetry and other added kitchen features you should be looking at.

Ready to talk to an expert kitchen remodeler? If you need help in selecting your style and the materials, or want to discuss functionality and your budget, we’re ready to assist you.  Book a consultation at Innovative Kitchen & Bath or drop by our showroom in Kirkland, WA.