4 Ideas for Kitchen Islands

More and more, the kitchen island has become a central feature in modern kitchens.
More and more, the kitchen island has become a central feature in modern kitchens.

Are you thinking that adding a kitchen island would make all the difference to your kitchen? Here are four suggestions from Innovative Kitchen & Bath to help you maximize your kitchen and island space!

1. A Kitchen Island Made from Reclaimed Wood

Although granite and tile are popular in kitchen design, reclaimed wood is a stunning alternative that will make your space stand out. A reclaimed wood kitchen island can breathe new life into an old piece of furniture while also adding charm to your area.

A live edge wood slab is a great technique to create a rustic or cabin-like atmosphere. Even a sleek or contemporary home might benefit from a reclaimed wood kitchen island. A clean block of burled wood with magnificent swirled grain surrounded by clean aesthetics will make a bold statement that feels right at home.

2. A Multi-use two-tiered Island

Besides being a food prep and serving station, your island can also serve as a great entertaining space and casual work area. And there’s no better way to separate those areas than with a two-tiered kitchen island.

Use the upper tier for food preparation, while the lower tier can be used for sitting and socializing. By adding electricity, you and your guests will be able to use their phones and computers without having to go to another room. You can also add a few bar stools and pull-out drawers for storage.

3. Kitchen Island Lighting Can Make All the Difference

Lighting, like any other room, can make your kitchen feel a lot more inviting, and immediately above your island is the ideal spot for it.

Low-hanging, big pendant lights may add drama and sophistication to your kitchen island, in addition to providing obvious lighting benefits. Consider a larger pendant with a simple geometric shape if you have a modern or contemporary decor. Install a dimmer to the lighting switch on your island to improve your illumination!

Don’t limit your lighting options to the ceiling, think about your floors as well. Installing lighting beneath the countertop or at the foot of your kitchen island can give a dramatic touch.

4. A Kitchen Island Sink

Finally, installing a kitchen island sink is one of the most practical kitchen island ideas. An additional sink, especially for people who enjoy cooking with family or friends, might allow for the preparation of multiple meals at once. It will also help to eliminate the all-too-common traffic bottlenecks that occur around the sink at mealtime. Now that you’ve gotten a good start on your kitchen island ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us at Innovative Kitchen & Bath, so we can assist you in making your island dreams come to true! We service home throughout the Seattle, WA area.