20 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes, Part 2

The last thing you want to say after a kitchen remodel is ‘oops.’ Avoid these kitchen remodeling mistakes.
The last thing you want to say after a kitchen remodel is ‘oops.’ Avoid these kitchen remodeling mistakes.

In our previous article we covered the first ten remodeling mistakes to avoid. Now here are some more common mistakes for you to watch out for.

11th Mistake: Not Enough Electrical Outlets

With all the electrical appliances that we have in our modern kitchens two outlets will never be enough. Talk to your contractor about ways to hide extra outlets in a drawer, within the island, or backsplash.

12th Mistake: Too Much Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great addition but in moderation. You really don’t want to be displaying your mismatched glassware, and other bits and bobs for all to see. If you want open shelves think ahead about what you can display that will stay relatively clean and organized.

13th Mistake: Forgetting Oven Backsplashes and Ventilation

Ovens create a lot of mess and odor which is why your kitchen remodel should include a backsplash for easy cleaning, as well as a good ventilation system to pull odors out of the air.

14th Mistake: Overlooking Kitchen Entrances

There will be a lot of dust in the air both during the demo phase and the installation of your new kitchen. You’ll want to make sure your contractor has made sufficient plans to contain the dust and debris to the room being worked on. You will also need to plan how your contractor will have access to the construction area to avoid workers trudging through your home.

15th Mistake: Forgetting the Trash

Remember to make provision for the trash. Either have a dedicated trash and recycling cabinet or an earmarked placement within your kitchen.

16th Mistake: Leaving Appliance Choice for Last

Choosing your appliances last can cause a lot of extra work. If you choose them at the start it will be easier to design the cabinetry and countertop around them for a perfect fit rather than the other way around.

17th Mistake: Overloaded with Stainless Steel

Overloading with stainless steel can create a cold feeling, quite the opposite to the cozy inviting space you had planned. Think about adding in some colored cooking gadgets. 

18th Mistake: Making Changes During Construction

The cost of making changes skyrockets once your kitchen remodel has already started. Besides your project coming to a halt, there will be additional costs needing extra funds and delays with labor or materials.

19th Mistake: Forgetting to Have Fun

Though remodeling can create stress at times, by entrusting an experienced contractor with the details you will be able to focus on how you will redecorate your newly remodeled space and what you will enjoy most about it.

20th Mistake: Not Hiring IKB for Your Remodel

The team at Innovative Kitchen and Bath are kitchen remodeling experts. We have worked on many remodels of all sizes and difficulties. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to make your kitchen design ideas into a stunning reality.

Not only does a good kitchen renovation boost the value of your home, it is made more warm, inviting and comfortable. However a bad renovation can be a costly, stressful and time-consuming mistake. That is why, to avoid these mistakes, you should ask the professionals at Innovative Kitchen and Bath in Kirkland for assistance.