20 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes, Part 1

Don’t make a rookie mistake. Stay away from these kitchen remodeling mistakes.
Don’t make a rookie mistake. Stay away from these kitchen remodeling mistakes.

Remodeling your kitchen is a huge project to take on with a great deal of variables and crucial details to deal with that are vital to a successful completed project. You really don’t want to feel regret during your remodel. Here are some common design and remodel mistakes that you need to avoid, so you can be sure to finish with the fully functional and stunning kitchen you visualized.

1st Mistake: Putting Appearance Over Function

It’s to be expected that you want the end result to be beautiful when you’re doing a kitchen remodel. However, don’t be so focused on aesthetics that you forget the importance of functionality. You’ll be disappointed with your kitchen design if it creates more work for you when doing your daily tasks.

  • Good kitchen design places the focus on work zones
  • Consider how your cupboards, dishwasher, and refrigerator open. Do they interfere with each other?

2nd Mistake: Designing to Impress Others

Some homeowners do a kitchen remodel to impress friends, family and neighbors. Keep in mind that they aren’t living in your home, and they’re not going to pay your kitchen remodel bill.

The point is, design for yourself, don’t design for other people. Create a kitchen remodel that you’ll love with features that will benefit you and your family best.

3rd Mistake: DIY

If you’ve watched home makeovers on TV reality shows, you probably think its looks so easy. Be aware, tackling portions or all of your remodel yourself can actually end up being more costly as well as time consuming.

It’s far cheaper to pay a skilled professional such as Innovative Kitchen and Bath to get the job done right and timeously, than having to re-do major work later.

4th Mistake: Forgetting the Function of the Kitchen

It is so easy to get carried away with the latest styles and the look you want that you forget that the most important part of your design is the function of the kitchen. The sink, stove and fridge should be placed conveniently with one another with enough space to easily move between them.

5th Mistake: Not Including Enough Storage and Counter Space

It’s very difficult to work in a kitchen that doesn’t have sufficient counter space, so it is a good idea, when designing your kitchen, to make it a point of focus. In the same way, you need to store all your kitchen tools. It is never a problem to have excess storage, but shortage always is. 

6th Mistake: Overlooking the Lighting

It is understandable that homeowners might forget about including lighting in a kitchen remodeling project. A beautifully designed kitchen should have three types of lighting. General overhead lighting to illuminate the room, task lighting, which is focused, and accent lighting. Effective lighting adds ambiance to the space.

7th Mistake: Disregarding the Aesthetics

It is easy to get so caught up in the kitchen remodel design that you forget the color scheme. Picking your color scheme and decoration will determine how much you enjoy the room when it is completed.

8th Mistake: Busting Your Budget

You need to assess your finances and what your needs versus wants are. A comfortable budget should to be set right at the beginning when you are planning your project. Remember to allow for unexpected situations by setting aside 10% of the total cost for contingencies.

9th Mistake: Tunnel Vision

Don’t get too focused on your vision and lose sight of the bigger picture. Be aware of how your kitchen fits with the rest of your house. The colors can match or contrast with colors used elsewhere but they must work together.

10th Mistake: Skimping on the Small Stuff

You will find in your kitchen remodel that the cabinetry will be the most expensive item. However, don’t try to counteract the price tag when it comes to the cabinet add-ons. Including features such as pantry pullouts, drawer dividers and lazy Susan’s etc., will help to maximize your kitchen efficiency and storage. 

Ready to Tackle Your Own Kitchen Remodeling? Not only is the value of your home boosted by a good kitchen remodel, but it is also more warm, inviting and comfortable. If you’re in the Kirkland area (or Sammamish, or anywhere near us), you can get help from the kitchen renovation experts at Innovative Kitchen and Bath. Contact us today!