5 Ideas to Update Your Bathroom Without Renovating

5 Ideas to Update Your Bathroom Without Renovating – Innovative Kitchen & Bath – Kirkland, WA

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Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive undertaking. Here are some inexpensive bathroom ideas and simple DIY renovations from Kirkland’s Innovative Kitchen & Bath that will transform your bathroom quickly and affordably.

These easy and inexpensive updates will give your bathroom a more opulent appearance. Sometimes, all that is needed is a little freshening up.

  1. Think about Tile Paint
  2. Replace the Vanity.
  3. New Fixtures
  4. Replace the Shower Screen
  5. Organize Your Storage

Five Budget Bathroom Ideas

1. Think About Tile Paint

The simplest method to give your bathroom the much-needed facelift it needs is to paint the entire area. Without having to make any structural adjustments, painting your outdated tiles, existing cabinetry, and even your bathroom will give it a much-needed facelift. To guarantee they look as good as new, it is also worthwhile to paint the walls. Make sure the paint you choose is suited for moist places because bathrooms need paint that prevents the growth of mold.

2. Replace the Vanity

An easy way to make an outdated bathroom feel brand-new is to replace your old vanity. Measure your entire area before selecting a vanity to make sure there is adequate room for the item and its installation. Keep your vanity where it is so you can to prevent having to move your plumbing. You can design and build a customized unit that will fit your space if you want a unique vanity.

3. New Fixtures

You can easily update the appearance of your bathroom with modern shower heads and faucets. When choosing your fixtures, consider how they will work with the other elements of your design, such as the tiles and your current or new color scheme. With the correct tile or even next to your favorite house plant, matte black taps can give your room a modern, high-end touch. It is crucial to get the advice of a qualified plumber if you intend to replace a mixer.

4. Replace the Shower Screen

Old shower curtains, screens, and niches can reveal a bathroom’s antiquity. The shower screen can be easily replaced to update the bathroom. Depending on the design and layout of your bathroom, you have a wide range of alternatives, from pivot to frameless shower screens. Make sure you have adequate space to open the shower door if you’re replacing a sliding door.

5. Organize Your Storage

Utilize the vertical space you have and add storage to purge your bathroom of clutter. Without taking up any floor space, DIY wooden shelves are a terrific way to store your towels, plants, and toiletries. Make sure to seal or paint your wooden shelves to prevent moisture damage.

BONUS TIP: To give your bathroom a designer appeal, add some modern furnishings and a few indoor plants.

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